Education is power, and power comes with great responsibility, we all know that but what will happen if there is a problem in power transmission. in today’s article, we are going to discuss the top three best education system in the world and try to figure it out why they are best and also see in the meantime what are the challenges they faced or still facing.

The parameter we for the competitive study of the top three best education in the world:

a.      Country’s education system
b.     Ease to live in that country and exposure
c.       Fee structure
e.      Future prospective
f.        Problem

Top Three education system across the globe

3. United state America Education system:

2. Germany Education System

1. Finland Education System

3. United States of America Education System

There is no doubt for the last two decades the US impressed with its work in the education system furthermore, it has the power to attract prudent minds to its country through a various method such as scholarships, programs, advance technology, different courses and the Infinite number of job availability, etc.

Education In The USA

The USA education follows the k-12 education system, in which they standardized their students, according to their performance after k-12 they enter the under graduation programme where students will get plenty of course and career options.

Why the US education system is good

 Any country reputation builds by its education institution and by students’ achievement over the years, and in both cases, the USA gets its luck. Out of 100, topmost universities in USA 30-40 state universities secure the place. It matters a lot and it reflects how good the US education system is.

The reasons behind the good Education of the US


The USA education system from very starting oriented around Research work and promoting original ideas and they still firmly stand with this ideology, appreciate the new idea and always stay ready to implement it. There are plenty of exposers for young creative-minded people to contribute their knowledge in groundbreaking works and get name and fame by that.


They left far behind mugging education policy and believe in pragmatic knowledge which can be useful and implementation in real world.

 They believe in working with new technology that’s why they use advance technology in their study too, advance lecturer and working officials take special classes of the students and give a bit of taste of new technology. And ever offer internships programmers along with study.

Variety of courses and flexibility

United State universities provide plenty of different course with variety. From that, a student can make it out best of himself. And different of vocational and summer training programs provide feathers in the cap.

Student can select his major and minor according to his interest and if at any point he finds that he wants to change his courses, easily can do it without losing any time.

Fees structure of the United States Education System

Education in the United states expensive and especially if you don’t get any scholarship from government or from any other source besides that doing graduation from private university (in the USA every state has its own university that’s how total state universities are 50) Obviously State universities are more cost-effective than private universities

Future after completing graduation From USA

There is no doubt after completing graduation from the USA, students will easily get their dream job, USA degree matters a lot in the international market and very well known for Excellency.

It’s once a lifetime experience after getting that much exposure students can achieve according to anything to his skills set.

How easy to get admission in USA universities

To get admission in USA Universities/schools

students have to take entrance test scores like TOEFL, SAT or ACT and if they are applying for graduation course besides above test scores, additional exams scores, like GRE or GMAT should be required.


Despite all the good points, we can’t neglect some major issues with come across in recent years in the USA.

1.  Discrimination

 Even after awareness people are become more sensible and educated but still, sometimes unpleasant incident happens because of discrimination and when this kind of things happen with young mind its impact stays lifelong.

2. Arms Act

Most of the Asian and European countries firmly against arms act but In the USA this is not an issue. Their policies are flexible and library towards arms act which is quite dangerous.

 Violence in the USA’s schools/universities premise quite a normal thing nowadays, we have experienced lots of bad incident in the last one decade.

2. Germany education system

Germany always has been a cynosure for the sharp-minded people, german engineering still a benchmark for automobile and for many other industries.

Germany’s top universities and education policies working as a magnet for a young scholar, according to a new survey millions of students seeking admission in Germany university

Let’s see what are the reasons that make restless to students to take their education from the German university

Low fees or No Fees Policy

after October 2014, German parliament pass bill for now on all the universities under Germany authority would be free from paying even normal tuition fees even for foreign students too, students just have to pay normal transportation charges and other extra charges for their services.

According to a survey, more than 35% of students apply for graduation from Germany’s universities just because there is no tuition fee.

Top class universities

students will find here top class universities, internationalization, perfect student- teacher ratio, top class study faculty and international exposure.


German education policy more focuses on research and practical knowledge than bookish knowledge. They put more emphasis on new technology, mythology and upgradation. Resulted in graduated students are ready to use for the market.

Admission and other factors

getting admission in foreign is same as any other country entrance exam students have to pass crack entrance exam with flying colours.

Germany is a student destination place they will get everything here, tourist place, ocean, diversity and full-flesh working experience and exposer.

it is quite a peaceful place and along with their plenty of chance to do Side jobs without disturbing study, for that german government allot 120 days per year to their students and finding a job is not that much hard, it gives the student to implement his Educational knowledge in real life. Along with salary students will get working knowledge and experience which counts.

Future Prospects

Your degree issued from a German university is highly respected and valued all over the world. As an indication of this, German graduates enjoy high employability in the global job market. But there is a twist, german education believes in produce leader rather than employee so it’s up to you how you want to settle in your life.

1. Finland Education system

Finland education system is the best education system presently in the world, to become a number one education system they put a lot of hard work in it.

Top features which make draw line between the best and average:

No fees policy

like Germany, Finland also belive in future investment that’s why they are not asking any tuition fees to their students, instant they provide many facilities in their school which other students craving for it, even after paid pile of money Such as top-class faculty, teacher-student right ration, advanced laboratory tools and live research and working projects.

Selection Process

Teacher selection process extremely rigorous in Finland compared to any country in the world, only 10% of candidates get selected for this noble job.

 Teaching job is highly deference work in Finland, they earn more money, work fewer hours it allows their teachers to provide more deeply research work. They believe in Quality over Quantity working hours and their teacher proving that.

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Indian education system And Problems

Indian Education system: Indian education system after freedom hasn’t changed much. It’s is a gift they pull the wool over Indian pupil’s eyes of British people. They designed the Indian education system so in revolution time they could produce quality labours, good at their worked and didn’t ask any cross-question

That’s why the British education system is also known as the salivary education system, it eradicated Indian ancient valuable education system (gurukul) by step by step method.

That method was (gurukul) far meaning full and splendid in every sense. They replaced that education system with materialistic education system whose main goal to achive physical and materialistic happiness nothing else.

Even after studying 12-15 years this slavery education people can’t able to answer these following question

What is the significance of their life

What they want to become

Their role in society

What will the future of someone after getting an education

If any education system unable to answer these sample questions, answer then there is definitely something fishy in the system. Because these type of question never arrived in good education ystem

Anyways slamming Britishers is not our main aim, Our main goal to reveal Indian education system problems:

Let’s see what are the main problems in the Indian education system

Zero Practical Knowledge:

 from starting to Post graduation Indian student coerce to learn each and everything in black & white and hardly do any practical or any original research work. Even from institution point of view, they show zero motivation towards research work, expect some of few top universities like IIT, IIM and some other also.


 Indian education complete oriented around marks and grading, In Indian intelligence indicator, is person mark sheet not his/her creative mind, or talented or anything just good grade and marks.

The main focus on bookish learning and they teach obsolete techonology to their students in their advance courses like engineering and others,

Selection process :

in 135 crore population anyone can guess competition level it’s a mother wit but this topic does not end there, making matter more miserable Indian government provide reservations to backward class people on behalf of their caste which is quite discriminating but it’s common in India.

Government of India judge people by their caste instant of their actual economical background resultant of that real talent can’t flourish that much in India, well deserving candidate unnecessary has to put a lot of efforts to get a notice by others.

Fee structure

 It’s quite relaxing to providing education at low costs but this low-cost education only applicable for government colleges which are fewer in numbers, rest of the colleges either they are private or autonomous which are quite costly for a common person,

The government-run education scholarship programs also but again there is discrimination by caste, ultimately taking a good education is a fancy dream for people of India.

Top institutions in India

India has top-class students and teachers but still, India institution failed to secure a rank in the top ten colleges of the world, what’s the possible reason behind this?

the main is that “Indian institution never endorses research or new innovating programs, teaching mythology has been not evolving for decades.”

Teachers and teaching in India

Teachers’ conditions are abysmal in India, even after teaching more than 6-8 hours or maybe more that. they haven’t earned as much as other countries teachers earn

it doesn’t mean Indian government didn’t take any initiative, they did, after spending tons of money on teachers on upgardation result is zero and conditions are same as usual.

On the other hand the Indian government also prefer cheap labour rather than quality teaching person that’s why they hire ad hoc teachers, it seems like the Indian education department not serious about their young generation future.

Teaching profession not so noble in India, even the Indian government doesn’t give them that respect which they deserve it and after corona teaching is far cry for teachers.

Indian government treat teachers like a spare helping hands, if they want to conducut new survey or any vaccination programme they will prefer teachers to take the lead of that work instead of hiring some professional to complete these type of platitude tasks.

Indian Education focus

Indian education mainly focus on productive labour for the global market, without motivation Indian students completed their study to get any kind of job, that’s why from 135 crore population India only able to produce a few leaders after freedom, and most of them live in aboard or not actually born Indian but their forefather belongs to India.

Future prospective:

Even after getting post-graduation in science from India it’s very hard to get a normal job, according to global market Indian is not that much demanding and it has fewer credibility points, which you can see in the global market easily, even India only, people are doing the job in under wages, after getting even PhD degree there is no job guarantee finally Indian people looking New Education Policy-2019 as a ray of hope.