Teaching Vs Covid-19

It has been five months since we all are dealing with various problems because of COVID-19. We have seen Platonic changes in several working fields and working culture.

Educational institutions are also no exception in that case. We all read many unjustified stories from parents and students’ point of view, but no one spoke about our childhood’s heroes, society role-models, pathfinder’s teachers and lecturers; they lost in their own echo.

No one wants to know how teachers are facing all of these problems, a person (teacher) who knows only one thing from the last 10-20 years and suddenly, the entire world is questioning on his/her skills, calibre and way of delivering educational materials.
Today we will uplift the teacher’s point of view and why people deliberately want them to lose the war before they fight with their full calibre.

TEACHERS’ RESULT: the lost race, or a biased result

Do you remember the tortoise and rabbit story from our childhood books? I hope you all remember because in those days we learnt a lesson, “slow and steady but keep moving forward”.

But in today’s materialistic scenario we forget that the story and looking for the transit results, we are so biased that we don’t want to know what’s happening in teachers’ lives.

We have seen an abysmal pandemic (COVID-19) situation like we never have seen before. No one was ready for that, not even the teachers who always did their home-work before anyone.
I think we declared the result too early, but teachers still have plenty of play-cards under their sleeve.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGES And Teaching in 2020-19

After COVID-19 educational institutions are completely exposed in the technology sector, although teachers have keen knowledge on their respective subjects, they are not technology-friendly, which is a hurdle for most of the teachers from which they can’t overpower it yet.

It doesn’t mean they are not qualified or trying. They are working more than before.
Initially, they are trying to make harmony with technology and alternative systems; second, they are dealing with psychological stress, which is coming from negative feed-back both from parents and students.
These actions are a nightmare for the teachers.

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There are no doubts that the educational system collapsed throughout this year, from virtual classes to government educational programs all are biting the dust and worthless.

If teachers are failing to fulfil their commitment, it means not only teachers are responsible for that but also government networks providing companies and software industry too; they are also an equal companion in this scenario
Programmers failed to make teacher-friendly software and besides this, the network provider couldn’t be able to provide constant bandwidth and finally a system that never trained leads to the cause of destruction and can’t be able to attain online activities or programs.

But today no one is taking responsibility for failures, and it appears like the teachers are a scapegoat in the entire incident.


Everyone is hopeless, worried and cautious about money-saving and reduction of money drainage.
Some parents strongly condemn school fees issues and exaggerate the incident, but just for a second, though for a teacher whose main earning source is only teaching, he has a family too and at the end of the day he also has to feed his family, they already have worked in 40-50% of their salary and still get no respect. We should never forget that quote written by the prominent leader:

Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities.”

a,p.j kalam

We are and our generation whatever learns and gains just because of a talented teacher and don’t forget we all are in the same boat.


As our old one says, “the future is opaque, the past is history and the present that define all things.”


No one can say anything at this time, everyone is in dilemma and shocked, but one thing is sure “the education sector will shine more after a dark night”.

Never forget teachers are the tortoise, maybe they are slow or maybe they know a little about technology, apps, operating system and gadgets, etc. But teachers know two things: “learn and teach”. They will rise like a phoenix from ashes and scintillate like stars again. Mark my words.
It is another test of humankind, and no doubt we will survive with that, but the question is at what cost.
Every individual should be concerned about morals, dignity and humanity towards others.
During uncertain consequence, people often lose their ethical rules and morals, and we should not forget the students learn from their elders.


Despite huge difficulties and problems, we still stand against the pandemic; meanwhile, teachers are trying to harmonize with technology. They are looking at this problem as an opportunity and putting more effort to deliver their best. Today they are learning new things and getting updated as soon as possible within no time.
They are not dependent on anyone anymore. Simultaneously, many teachers are taking online lectures in order to develop themselves and guiding others to do the same. 

Programs like NPTELPATHSHALA and other private programs come with a new ray of hope. Further, I also think parents and teachers should get associated and encourage children to focus on their education.